TMINE is moving to Disqus commenting

Well, I built this blog on rock and roll – aka Movable Type – which seemed like a good idea back in 2005, but not so much these days. It’s been lagging a bit (well, maybe not but since it’s all being done in Japanese now, how would I know?) over things like Facebook and Twitter integration, bug fixes, server stresses, spam fighting etc, so in a concerted effort to fix most of the problems, I’ve decided to move the blog commenting system over to Disqus.

This should offer all sorts of exciting features in the long run as well as in the short-term, but it’s all going to be in a state of flux for the next couple of days or so, while I iron out the bugs. At the moment, Disqus is importing all the blog’s comments (over 15,000 of them…) and it should have them imported within 24 hours or so. Until then, this place is going to be a bit schizophrenic.

Bear with me and it should all turn out fine soon enough! Thanks!

  • Well, that's the theory, anyway…

  • At last I can now comment as my Twitter self.

  • I moved my blog (also still on MT) over to Disqus commenting over a year ago, and haven't really looked back. Very pleased with it. It eases most of the problems running MT provides right now.

  • Yours was actually one of the blogs I looked at when trying to figure out how to move over to Discus. The process for me has been a lot more painful than it appears to have been for others, simply because of the difficulty of getting 15,000 comments out of my blog into a usable format without crashing the server, and because the Discus plug-in relies on certain MT tags being included in templates for it to work out that it needs to take over, and I'd customised mine so much it wasn't picking up what it needed to. I ended up having to read through all the code to see what needed to be done and hacking away.

  • In my former job I migrated some blogs with way more than 15k comments (IE:…. However they were still running on MT 4.x, and the Disqus plugin worked fine on that, allowing automated migration of comments. It took about 24 to 30 hours from them to completely move, though. And then we usually repeated the procedure just to check that we hadn't missed any into the middle

  • I'm guessing that was probably not on a shared server like I'm on, which seems to fall over with the slightly provocation… I don't think there's anything wrong with the plug-in, since all it does it create a giant WXR template and then uploads it to Disqus. It's more the computation required to generate a 38MB template in my case that was causing the operation to be killed every time. I ended up having to create a custom template then stick that into the Publishing Queue where it could be 'niced'.

  • Ah, yes. That was on our own server pool. You may have a point there� 😉

  • SK

    Oh no. Please not threading. This web-blog was a lovely oasis of no threading.

  • Better?

  • SK

    Woooo all this and responsive to user comments too. Truly this is the website of the gods.

  • SK

    (Or: yes, ta)

  • bob

    Looking good.

  • Comments seem to have imported fine (with one error), so that's good. But Firefox 11 seems not to work with it – so Mark can't comment at the moment. Firefox 10 seems fine, though.

  • TemplarJ

    Oooohhh, looking pretty. And I don't just mean my photo. Well, I mainly mean my photo.

  • Mark Carroll

    On the right, making the title of the commented-on post a bit stronger
    would be nice: I scan them to check if there are recent comments on a not-recent post, so that I then know to make a point of opening that.

    Ten comments per page didn't seem like too many before. I think it was a bit more visually obvious before that there were more to come, too; that tabby thing was harder to miss.

    Just some thoughts; it's your blog. It'll be nice if I don't wait several
    seconds now after hitting submit …

    … oh, but I don't think my browser's autocompletion for who I am is
    going to work any more.

    I notice that my spoiler tags in the latest “what did you watch last week” seem not to be working.

  • Mark Carroll

    �… and posting comments is so much faster! It used to take ages of thinking time before.

  • 1) Wish one: granted
    2) Wish two: hopefully granted
    3) Wish three: one of the reasons for moving…
    4) Wish four: I think you need to register for a Disqus account or login with Twitter or something for that kind of usefulness
    5) I'm working on that, but Disqus is quite strict about what HTML (or even fake HTML) you can include. I can't think of any easy alternative either. That might just go by the wayside, I'm afraid.

  • Mark Carroll

    Wow, such responsiveness. (-: I'm afraid I'm wholly unfamiliar with Disqus so I can't easily help you with (5), but if you can still set your own CSS or have some JavaScript tweak the DOM then with a small hack you could probably appropriate one of the other accepted-but-useless tags and adjust its rendering accordingly.

  • I'm giving it a go with strikethrough (aka <s>)

  • Whadda you know! It worked! Great idea – right spoiler tags are now <s>. I'll update the templates when I have a mo. Won't work on all the previous spoilers in comments, but you can't have everything I guess

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  • You should have done it long ago!

  • Spoilertest

    Testing the spoiler tag.

  • Martin Aas


  • Mark Carroll

    After the change, one thing that has happened is if I accidentally move my mouse pointer over a “ShareThis” link an obtrusive popup appears and doesn't disappear as I move away again. The pointer doesn't even have to be stationary, or over the link for long, to cause this popup to appear. It'd be great to be able to move the mouse pointer across the page without setting off booby-traps that I then have to go back and deal with. “ShareThis” already looks like a link; maybe it could activate with a click instead? Or at least the popup window could go away after my mouse pointer is well away from it.

  • That would be a different phenomenon – different service providers. They changed the default behaviour so I'll look into over-riding it for you.

  • Mark Carroll

    Thank you very much.

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