On a show about Alcatraz, shouldn’t they be able to spell San Francisco correctly?

I work with a lot of graphic designers – this is the kind of thing you have to watch them for, believe me.

Alcatraz can't spell San Francisco


  • I would have thought they’d get at least one of them right, but all three wrong? Wow…..

  • Gareth Williams

    After actually being quite enjoyable last week this show really was the pits this week.
    Lazy, stupid plot devices.
    Firstly, look how easy it is to zoom in and clean-up a low resolution YouTube video to identify a man in a badly lit bar in the distance.
    Secondly, look at this amazing piece of software that allows you to remove videos off every website in the world, simultaneously… It must be so wonderful that it can also remove videos from computer harddrives, mobile phones and other devices, say a USB stick, which may not even be connected to the web.
    I know a lot of shows use these impossible technologies to excuse terrible plot lines and move on the story, but come on.