Praise the gods! The Aphrodite Inheritance is back on YouTube!

Godfrey James and Peter McEnery

Nearly three years ago, I wrote up the 1979 BBC series The Aphrodite Inheritance as part of the blog’s ‘Lost Gems‘ series. In case you don’t remember it, it’s about a man going to Cyprus for his brother’s funeral and discovering that despite what everyone is telling him, his brother might have been murdered. Along the way, though, it begins to become apparent that the Greek gods are alive and well have taken an interest in him and the death of his brother.

I illustrated my write-up with the episodes themselves, which someone had charitably uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, they were taken down not long afterwards. Now the BBC (foolishly) still hasn’t released the series on DVD, but another lovely person has uploaded the whole series to YouTube again, and I’ve updated the original entry with the new vids. It’s well worth the eight hours to watch them, I reckon, particularly if you like Brian Blessed (Dionysos) or Alexandra Bastedo (Aphrodite). So off you go – enjoy yourselves!

Dionysus disguised

Alexandra Bastedo as Helene in The Aphrodite Inheritance

  • Awh, I have such fond memories of this series!