Question of the year: what’s your New Year’s TV resolution?

It’s that time of year again:

What’s your New Year’s TV resolution going to be?

Are you going to watch less TV? More TV? Better TV? Are you going to give NBC or ITV a second (or third) chance? Are you going to watch more live TV or more time-shifted TV or box sets? Are you going to try to watch more foreign TV or stay clear of those rubbish imports?

Let us know below or on your own blog.

  • Mark Carroll

    I’m not sure that I have a resolution, exactly. I’ve tried to raise the quality bar (for instance, in deciding to skip season six of “Dexter” and probably season four of “Being Human” and judging “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: NY” missable, and I may not stick with “Justified” for many seasons) in wanting to watch less television, but (thanks partly to you) I now find out about more higher quality things that are worth watching: how one will trade off against the other in the longer term, I really don’t know. Also, I will probably return to Britain next year; I don’t know how that will change what I can even get access to. I suppose I’ll try to maintain the quality bar high enough that I don’t lose a whole lot of my life to television.

  • bob

    Being Human is quality tv for me…
    I’m very happy with what I watch and wouldn’t wish to change my habits for the world.

  • Well done! That was the 14,000th comment on the blog! Exciting, huh?

  • bob


  • I really want to get out to the cinema more AND catch up on more of the DVDs we have that are stockpiled in our house. I want to listen to more music by playing CDs rather than idly letting the ipod shuffle setting do the talking. I want to spend more hours reading. I basically need there to be more hours at home than there actually are in a day and this scarcely even gets to watch I want my TV watching to be doing!
    Seriously though re your question: in terms of TV I want to be a bit more systematic. I want to do some run-throughs of series; I want to stop letting the idle setting allow me to drift into rubbish tv as background mode. I want to be more selective. But I also want to acknowledge that as long as our old CRT tv functions I’m NOT getting an new tv yet so everything fancy that TV does is still going to pass us by.
    And I can live with that.

  • SK

    You know what? I think this year I should get off arse, scrounge an HD video camera off someone and make a film. At least a short one. And if getting that done means I have to watch less TV, so be it.
    Yeah. That’s my resolution.