Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and what can Santa Rob bring you for 2012?

Merry Christmas!It’s that time again everyone. Time for my annual year-end break which some crazy people have decided to call “Christmas”.

As usual, I plan on doing precisely no work over the Christmas break, but I’ll be back with the news and more on January 2th. Or maybe the 3rd. Some time around then anyway.

Survey time
As always, let’s take this as an opportunity to have a reader survey. What sorts of things would you like to see on this here blog in 2012? And what sort of things have outstayed their welcome? And are people okay with the idea of additional monthly Sitting Tennant competitions?

Leave your requests for more, less or the same below in the comments and I’ll decide what gets the chop and what stays alive when I get back. I’ll probably carry on as before, but you never know.

In the meantime, a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all, thanks for reading and a great big thanks as always to everyone who’s left a comment for livening up the place! We just hit 14,000 comments and I’m about five away now from hitting my 5,000th post. Exciting, huh?

PS You have until midnight to enter the Top Gear competition. At the moment, it looks like absolutely no one wants the DVD, so if you enter, you’ll probably win the prize.

  • bob

    “if you enter, you’ll probably win the prize”
    *runs screaming*
    (And Happy Christmas everyone!)

  • Mark Carroll

    I especially like your reviews of television shows.
    And, I can safely comment in the Top Gear competition blog entry because I’m not a UK resident. (-:

  • I think the lack / limitation of entrants on your Top Gear ‘prize’ says everything about the inherent good taste of your readership.
    Happy New Year!

  • Well, as I celebrate another year of Sitting Tennant triumph it cannot possibly last. Nevertheless, as long as there are pictures there will be captions. I have let others take the mantel of picture hunting, but I do still like to make some weekly smut/jest for captioneering. thank you to all for the inspiration!
    Otherwise, I DEFINITELY like the comics review of Wonder Woman, and I do really like the little video treats – especially Lost Gems. More of the same really, cos we love you as you are!

  • Gareth Williams

    Haha, I hadn’t noticed about the Top Gear comp. Did noone gave a wobbly table that needed fixing? 😉

  • Mark Carroll

    More generally, now I am wondering how much room there is — by how much ratings would fall — if in “Top Gear” in general there were less staged larking about and more actual reviews of non-supercars. It’s hardly an original thought, but I don’t actually know what the answer is.

  • SK

    But these days — and I admit I write as a non-car-owner — aren’t most new cars in the non-sports-car bracket basically interchangeable? What could a review say? ‘It’s a very Renaulty Volkswagen, this one’?

  • Mark Carroll

    I tend to be full of opinions about specific details, but I also certainly can’t claim to be typical; I could certainly borrow a car for a day and end up writing a good few paragraphs about it, but I might bore readers rigid. I know for sure I’m not the typical car-buyer because I have found that dealership staff tend not to know much technical stuff about the cars they’re selling, and they would if people usually ask. I try out plenty of different cars (thus generating opinions in response to them) because, while not owning a car right now, I’m a member of one of those schemes where, when one wants a car, one goes online and books one for the period in question; they’re parked all around the city and, when booked, become magically unlockable with one’s RFID membership card. And, when I am working off-site at client premises, I rent a different car each week; I certainly end up thinking myself quite lucky or unlucky depending on what I happen to get. For instance, your mention of Renaults reminds me of the Megane’s electronic auto-releasing handbrake thing and how uncomfortable the front seats suddenly become when one wants to nap in them, but it’s a long time since I rented much in Europe. Or, for instance, with Citroen, I’ve found that their automatic rain-sensing wiper activation actually pretty accurately matches what I’d be doing were I controlling it manually. So, in short, I think a review could say plenty, but with the caveat that it’s quite possible that I’d be the only viewer. There are always things to say about zippiness, cheapness, convenient surfaces for putting things on and being able to see and reach them, etc., plus weird little idiosyncrasies like how the Prius’ parking brake pedal can easily be rendered irritatingly invisible and inaccessible.

  • There is room for such a show. It’s called Fifth Gear and airs on Channel’s made by the per-reboot Top Gear team and is the one that the Top Gear presenters constantly take the piss out of.

  • Mark Carroll

    Oh, thank you, I shall take a look at the next opportunity. I wonder why I’d ruled it out before; perhaps I’d confused it with some American car show, or just assumed that everything on Channel Five is rubbish, or something.

  • I’m good, thanks. I keep coming here even when I know you’re on a break. So there’s no need to worry about what the addict wants. LOL

  • Well I love the blog as it is,Rob. One of my must visit places in cyberspace, even if thanks to life conspiring against me I have been less vocal of late, I do enjoy reading your reviews. Like Lisa, I also love Lost Gems, though they often make me feel OLD. I’ve been useless at commenting on Sitting Tennant this year, but have enjoyed others’ efforts. Will try to do better in 2012. Talking of which, best wishes for the New Year to all other participants in the mad fun that is Rob’s blog. I salute you all (especially Rob) and thank you for the very daft pleasure I derive from my visits! Over recent months, that kind of pleasure has been more the necessary to help retain my sanity. Best wishes for the New Year, Rob, and thanks for the

    • Mark Carroll

      Oh, it is interesting when you tell us things about how the industry works too, even things we should have noticed for ourselves.