Lost Gems: ABC in the 70s

For all my efforts to remind everyone of long, lost shows, the history of TV is littered with shows that are so obscure, even I haven’t heard of them. So let’s all watch this promo for ABC’s Friday night line-up in 1970. In among the more famous shows like The Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch, there are shows like The Nanny and the Professor, That Girl and Love American Style that are entirely new to me.

Let’s watch together and see why no one probably remembers them any more.

Of course, ABC was “the place to be” in the 70s – at least according to ABC – which was a theme of many of their promos. See how many you recognise from this one from 1971.

[via Toby]

  • Well, I guess you’re looking at them all from that “over there” perspective, but as far as ‘That Girl’ is concerned, it’s recognized over here as the pioneer in storylines about the independent, single, career girl which paved the way for ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’. There’s even at least one book published about it.
    The clip they showed was a poor example of the series, as it made the show look like it was about nothing more than their romance.
    I won’t go defending the other two, as they were trifles…….

  • With that second clip, I’m thinking that must have been the opening credits for a full special on the upcoming prime-time line-up. The networks over here use to go all-out with at least a half-hour show trumpeting the new series coming that fall. It would explain why there were so many credits at least.
    Had it been just a commercial for the new line-up, I’d fire the promotions/publicity department…….
    Also curious as to why it’s via me….?

  • MediumRob

    @Toby: Interesting. I’ve never heard of it and it’s not aired or had a DVD release over here. I’m curious though: do you know if that’s what they were referring to at the start of the first episode of 30 Rock when Liz Lemon shows up? I seem to recall it seemed to be lots of “Who’s the girl…?” questions. That would certainly explain a lot since I couldn’t work out what they were referring to and it seems appropriate.
    As for why you, I seem to recall you posting to your Facebook profile either yesterday or the day before a 1970s ABC promo vid from YouTube. I might be imagining that, or your Facebook profile might be haunted.

  • Could be someone else’s blog? I’m away from Toobworld Central for the week and it’s all auto-posting of Jack the Ripper essays and Chris Farley characters at Inner Toob.
    Anyway it’s Thanksgiving over here, so let me wish you a very Happy Thursday!