Blog recommendation of the day: Thierry Attard’s Double Feature

Now, I try to stay abreast of world TV. True, my first love is US TV and when I’m not watching that, I’m usually watching British TV. But I do try to sample the wares of other countries when I can, including Canada, France and very, very briefly Australia. I’ve even been known to watch German TV. 

But it’s not exactly my speciality. So let me introduce to you Thierry Attard, who seems to me to be a lot better at looking at continental European TV than I am, with French TV being one of his specialities. Want to know how the French and Greek remakes of ITV’s Doc Martin are going? He’s your man. Want to know TF1’s format-acquisition strategy for drama? Look no further

And he writes in English, which is helpful. So add him to your bookmarks, RSS feed, smoke-signal generator or whatever it is you use to read t’Internet forthwith.