The first two of this season’s Cougar Town cameos

Cougar Town isn’t back until mid-season, so to bide their time, the actors from the show are trying to cameo on as many other shows as they possibly can. Ian Gomez is first up with cameos in Grey’s Anatomy and The Middle:

Ian Gomez in The Middle

Ian Gomez in Grey's Anatomy

Don’t worry – there’ll be more to come.

  • Toby O’B

    I haven’t seen any video from it yet, but Cox and Miller were a lesbian couple looking to have a child on ‘Private Practice’ the same night Gomez showed up in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.
    And you probably know this, but Josh Hopkins did his cameo on ‘Castle’ Monday night. The video’s out there for that….

  • Toby O’B

    Also Brian Van Holt (?) is walking with Gomez in that scene from ‘The Middle’…..