Another podcast recommendation: 3 Chicks Review Comics

3 Chicks Review ComicsTime for another in our occasional series of podcast recommendations: 3 Chicks Review Podcasts. As the name may (or may not) suggest, this is a weekly (or sometimes more frequent) podcast in which three women review comics and usually interview someone important comics-wise.

The three chicks in question are:

  1. Sue from the rather good DC Women Kicking Ass
  2. Maddy from When Fangirls Attack! and
  3. Kelly Thompson of 1979 Semi-Finalist and Comic Book Resources’ Comics Should Be Good

It’s quite a long podcast at up to an hour and a half per episode, but it does have three people who clearly know and love their subject matter, looking over the best and worst comics of the week. They’ve also had some great interviews, including Brian Chiang, who’s doing the artwork for the latest Wonder Woman run. Give it a try.

  • I think an indulgence is called for. Sounds like a fab podcast!