Random Acts: Scarlett Johansson sings, Evan Rachel Wood loses a tooth, Amber Heard de-butches lesbians and Joanna Page goes doorstepping

Scarlett Johansson drinking champagne

So it’s been a very random week for everyone this week. Scarlett Johansson is off drinking champagne with Bollywood stars and petitioning for more screen time in The Avengers so she won’t be a token woman. But she’s also singing duets with LuLu Gainsbourg as well as a virtual Dean Martin.

Meanwhile, not-normally-so-random Evan Rachel Wood has decided to lose a tooth and hit on Amber Heard…

Evan Rachel Wood hits on Amber Heard

…who’s randomly off filming the USO episode of The Playboy Club and de-butching TV lesbians.


Meanwhile, Joanna Page is filming a documentary about romance in sitcoms for UKTV, praising Swansea and turning up on men’s doorsteps with 56-man Welsh voice choirs to offer them holidays in Wales.

She probably wins for randomness this week.