Question of the week: how much TV do you watch?

It’s a bit of a personal question, I know, but you’re with friends now, so hopefully you’ll feel safe answering this deceptively simple question:

How much TV do you watch?

I say deceptively simple because TV is such an elusive concept these days. Maybe you only have a TV so you can watch movies. Maybe you watch TV content but on your computer or mobile phone. So let us know what you watch and where you watch it as well.

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog

  • Mark Carroll

    I watch a Netflix DVD once or twice a week, could be movie or TV or documentary. Arriving for me tomorrow may be more “Foyle’s War”. Through a powerful optical telescope I watch some BBC stuff when a high-altitude inversion causes nice refraction over the Atlantic, usually an hour per weekday evening, sometimes two, things like “The Killing” at present, also documentaries, not much more at weekends. On TV I watch the occasional regular thing like “Community”, and I’ll give “Grimm” a try, I’m not sure what else is starting up. (Our cable subscription is very basic.) The kids watch some Netflix streaming stuff like “InuYasha” and also share my telescope for things like “Charlie and Lola” and “In the Night Garden”, for that latter pair no more than one of each per day.
    I usually get home between 6pm and 7pm, then there’s dinner/tea to sort out and eat. With the kids going to bed between 8pm and 9pm there’s not much evening viewing time for them, and with me getting up before 7am each morning there’s not much viewing time for me either, once I’ve fit in household bills, baths, shopping, whatever.

  • 1-3 hours a day; rarely more (even at weekends) unless I’m having a marathon run at something. Figure includes time watching films and TV. Never sure if its a lot or a little.