• Didn’t anyone else think about the best place to put up a questionable ad like this? You seriously have to wonder about the logic of some people.

  • SK

    One assumes that the people in the office simply assign posters to billboards based on some formula that just makes sure they are evenly spread throughout the area covered (or maybe they just stick them into a computer which does that for them), and the people who put them up just arrive at billboard #254 with poster SWTM/456/A and get out the brushes and glue.
    I’d be very surprised if anyone was actually paid enough to even bother to begin assessing the suitability of every given poster/placement correspondence possibility.
    (Well, they may have some system that, for instance, makes sure that particularly adult posters aren’t placed opposite schools, as that would actually generate some non-trivial amount of negative publicity. But this isn’t near a school and I seriously doubt the systems are any more fine-grained than just ‘will this get us in trouble if we stick it in front of a load of kids?’)

  • Mark Carroll

    Well, it’s not clear from the photograph that it’s a substance abuse rehabilitation centre: perhaps it’s full of physical therapists or somesuch.