• The book really irritated the fuck out of me too. It’s so them and us. Stay at home mums v Working mums (like mums at home don’t work, and it’s really easy.)When really it should be everyone makes choices about child rearing and none of them are simple. We don’t have to fight about it. Grr. And I agree the tagline is outrageously sexist. Some men I know are much better househusbands then their wives.

  • SK

    Presumably that was before you saw the bit below the tagline, which is a red flag to anyone who likes their comedies to have jokes?

  • Liz Booker

    Complain to the asa about this – I have – what utter sexist rubbish

  • julie paradox

    Is this based on that book years ago which begins with her husband sulking because she won’t stay in bed and have sex simply because the children need dealing with before she goes to work (selfish woman)?
    I decided to stop reading right there.