A Pretender reunion on Burn Notice

Back in the 90s, there was a nifty little show on NBC called The Pretender, which I should probably do a Lost Gem on at some point. It starred Michael T Weiss as an almost unique genius who can be anyone he wants to be and uses his skills to help the innocent and punish the guilty by pretending each week to be a different person.

If that all sounds a bit familiar, maybe it’s because you’ve been watching Burn Notice, in which Jeffrey Donovan plays a spy who uses his skills to help the innocent by pretending to be all kinds of other people.

What’s interesting is that Donovan actually played Weiss’s brother, another Pretender, on The Pretender.

And this week, who should guest star on Burn Notice except Michael T Weiss. There’s fun for you.

Michael T Weiss on Burn Notice

  • Mandy

    And the guy who played Sydney on “The Pretender” (Patrick Bauchau)was just on “Burn Notice” as a guest star a few weeks ago
    And then on “Suits” (the show that comes on USA after “Burn Notice”) the woman who played Miss Parker on “The Pretender” (Andrea Parker) was a guest star – the same night Michael Weiss was on “Burn Notice”
    USA Network has been very Pretender-y of late!

  • Ooh, yes! I noticed both of them – I love Suits – and forget to mention them! Good spotting and thanks for dropping by to remind us!

  • Dag

    Catching up on BN s-5 since it popped up on NF, and saw the Pretender alumni in back to back episodes. Had to hunt down comments. Both such great shows! Miss Parker blows Fi away though ; )

  • antiquerain

    Thanks for sharing. I loved Pretender reruns in college and was pretty hooked on Burn Notice for the first few seasons.