Question of the week: which current TV show would you change and how?

Right now, a whole bunch of executive producers and writers are working on the next seasons of their shows. For the first time in months, they have time to think, reconsider, re-tool and generally improve their show. And with actors always trying to negotiate their contracts around now, it’s all a time for producers to consider recasting.

So this week’s question is a chance to delve into fantasy writing league: 

Imagine you’re the showrunner of your favourite TV show – what changes would you make to the show to make it better for next season and why?

As always, leave your answers below or link to your response on your own blog.

  • [oh Rob!] I would only (if at all) let Murray Gold back on Doctor Who after he had sufficiently explained to me that after writing them a thousand times on a blackboard, he now understands the words “subtle” and “subdued”. He makes it seem like the expression Micky-Mousing was invented for him, FFS.

  • Mark Carroll

    “House” should get back more to the first (and maybe second) season exploration of the consequences of blunt honesty, with less of the romantic unhappiness stuff.
    “Doctor Who” should be less about frantic running around and have a bit more thoughtful complexity.
    Many crime dramas shouldn’t have regular characters so frequently bending rules, often for emotional or coolness reasons, with so little consequence. It just makes them become sillily implausible for the sake of cheap drama.