Happy sixth birthday to The Medium Is Not Enough

A birthday cakeHappy Birthday, The Medium is Not Enough. Yes, six years ago (amazing, huh?), this blog emerged into the light of the Internet with its first two posts: previews of Prison Break, the not-unpopular Supernatural and the still-unseen Global Frequency; and tedious cruft about The Omega Factor (which I ended up writing a review of after all when I got stuck for a Lost Gem).

Haven’t we come a long way since then, as we’ve branched out into picture caption competitions, borderline stalking, nostalgia for old kids’ shows and The Guardian‘s favourite feature, a look at old Big Train sketches. Which I don’t do any more.

The thank you list to all the commenters has now grown so long it’s actually impossible for me to thank you all individually, but an especially big thank you to the regulars Toby, Marie, Jane, Rullsenberg, SK, Bob the Skutter, Stu_n, Aaron, Hannibal, Electric Dragon, Mark Carroll and the other David, without whom I’d be as mad as that bloke on Oxford Street with the megaphone who just shouts at people, as well as a big “Welcome aboard” to all the new commenters who joined in this year.

As always, if you have any suggestions for what else you might like to see on the blog, please let me know below. If you don’t, I’ll just have to dream up something insanely stupid like Dick Heads* again.

Have a nice week (and, indeed, year),


* Actually, now I think about it, that was one of yours, wasn’t it? Might be a dual edged sword this asking for readers’ ideas thing.