Question of the week: will Big Brother work on Channel 5?

So if you haven’t heard, Richard Desmond, owner of various pornographic television stations and publications, as well as the Daily Star and Daily Express (yes, there is some tautology there), has acquired for the princely sum of £200m the rights to make new series of Big Brother on Channel 5. 

Yes, £200 million. For two years.

So the big question this week is:

Is Richard Desmond mental? Can Big Brother even be made to work on Channel 5? If it can, can he ever recuperate £200m with it? And will you watch it?

Answers below or on your own blog, please!


  • Kev

    To answer…. “probably”, “no”, “no”, “probably not”.
    I guess it depends how brave they are going to be with it – it needs to feel new and “must watch” from the start… I doubt it will though. However, starting with a celeb version sounds quite savvy though, depending on “who” and what they’re gonna do with them. I have been hooked on previous series before but equally have found it very easy not to watch at other times, especially when it goes on for months on end.
    Limit it to eight weeks, don’t populate the house with complete morons, get 24×7 live streaming sorted out, do something different with the challenges, and find talented presenters… mission impossible, I fear.