Vacation time

I’m off on holiday for a week, so guard the blog well in my absence and feel free to use this entry to chat about any tele, movies or other media that might be of interest to others.

Brief reviews:

Mud Men: Johnny Vaughn does Time Team by himself by excavating the mud 1m around the edge of the Thames. Doesn’t quite work, but Vaughn’s good.

Being Human: This series is almost on the don’t watch list. God it’s boring this time round. What happened?

Being Human (US): Very good. Almost completely original ep and pretty good, funny, etc

Erm, that’s all I can remember as I head off to pack. Bye!

  • Have a great trip, Rob! Have to take issue with you on Being Human, which I have absolutely loved so far, except I do agree last week was a bit dull. Sweet, but dull.It’s been the only duff episode so far though, the previous two I thought were brilliant, but hey, we’re all different, your meat, my poison, etc…
    Finally given up on Outcasts, I’m an optimist and kept hoping it would get better. It didn’t. Hermione Norris had such EXCRUCIATINGLY awful lines last week, I wonder she didn’t just throw the towel in then and there. Anyway, learnt my lesson now…
    Human Planet has finished, which is devastating. LOVED it. Now what will I do on Thursdays?
    Caught half of Jamie’s Dream School and laughed as much as I thought I would. And saw the second episode of Friday Night Dinner, which I enjoyed. Tamsin Grieg is almost unrecognisable(-:, but Simon Bird playing the same essential character as he does in The In-Betweeners. Still it was fun,and I’ll watch again.

  • Hey, while he’s gone, let’s talk about him. So, that Rob, huh?

  • bob

    I am the opposite to Rob on Being Human… This third series is my favourite so far. It is just so consistently good when previous series have felt like a mess to me, particularly last year which was treading water in the middle section. I especially loved it last week as I have been aching to see George reunite with his family since the pilot. And they managed it in a more imaginative way than I thought possible.
    Unfortunately for the US (well, Canadian) version, it attempted to do this reuniting story in the same week and utterly failed to be original. Nothing was a surprise, everything was easy and so many elements (the diary, the garlic, the tea bath) were just plain dumb. At least the very last scene hinted at a diversion from the Real Being Human. It may be able to stand up to its big brother when it doesn’t retread old ground, even accidentally as in this case.

  • I don’t know what happened with Being Human. By now I am so annoyed with Annie, I am almost ready to stop watching. Has she always been *this* stupid and clueless?

  • MediumRob

    “Hey, while he’s gone, let’s talk about him. So, that Rob, huh?”
    Don’t even try it 😉

  • bob

    Skreee: “Has she always been *this* stupid and clueless?”
    I found her worse in series 2 though. The whole thing about getting a job and running away from doors was a lot worse than her deluded pursuit of Mitchell imo.

  • SK

    Hm, I’m finding Being Human has the same problem as series two,and the one I’ve been pointing out all along: that it seems impossible to get all the main characters in the same plotline.
    Okay, they’ve linked Annie and Mitchell, though to be frank Annie always felt like an afterthought. But still, George and Mitchell seem to be inhabiting entirely different programmes that just occasionally cross over, in a way that I don’t recall being true in the first series.
    I think I may chalk this up as more evidence why doing more than one series of any TV programme is always a mistake…

  • @bob & @SK – Annie has veered from being annoying to being fab all the way through I think. I wish they’d let her get angry more often, as she did in that brilliant episode in series 1 when she and George trashed the funeral parlour. She’s had her moments this series, but she has been excruciatingly stupid about Mitchell & the Box Tunnel Murders. Have wanted to slap her more then once. But then I have also wanted to slap Mitchell. FFS TELL THEM, and explain why. But of course there wouldn’t be a show if he did that…
    @SK I do take your point about it feeling like two different storylines. I think it’s because Nina has become a main character, so now there’s a four way dynamic, and having had Herrick in the house for the last couple of episodes had compounded that. (Mind you they have had lots of guests, haven’t they, what with Adam, McNair et al, but then what’s the point in having a guest house if you don’t have people to stay(-:)
    That aside, I have really really loved this series of Being Human, I think it’s been dark, brooding, funny, thrilling, often scary, and last night’ shocker of Herrick stabbing Nina really took me by surprise, and genuinely shocked me as I thought, they won’t, then Oh my god, they have!! I love that about Being Human. It still has the capacity to shock and unsettle, despite its faults

  • JH am with you: pretty much loving BH this season – and even last week’s ‘sweet episode’ was rather nice. Annie has lost the plot rather (get cross dear) but there were some nice moves in the narrative this weekend.

  • George

    Really must catch up with BH…. been watching too much other stuff… well Outcasts *ahem*

  • George

    Really must catch up with BH…. been watching too much other stuff… well Outcasts *ahem*