Wednesday’s holistic news


British TV


  • I’m confused with the Emma Stone casting, she’s got the perfect look for Mary Jane but they’ve cast as her as blond Gwen Stacy. Odd.

  • Electric Dragon

    Excited and nervous about the Dirk Gently adaptation. Darren Boyd sounds like a pretty good choice for MacDuff and Helen Baxendale is spot on as Susan (and not just because I’ve had a crush on her ever since Cardiac Arrest), not sure about Stephen Mangan as Dirk though: I always imagined Dirk as rather short and dumpy.
    I’m not sure how much of the book they could pack into 60 minutes though. Some major plot restructuring would be needed (and not just because of the bits DNA recycled from his own Dr Who scripts).
    But there is no such word as “impossible” in my dictionary. In fact, everything between “herring” and “marmalade” appears to be missing.