Tron Legacy: fashion tie-ins

Well, I never. Tron wasn’t exactly the most fashion-conscious of films:

Bruce Boxleitner in Tron

I mean, can you see yourself wearing that. If you can, may I advise against it?

Tron Guy

There. That’s better. Hopefully, I’ve just cured you of that particular faux pas.

Thankfully for current and future generations, Tron: Legacy is proving to be a bit more tasteful in its outfit choices. Here’s Olivia Wilde and a ‘Siren’ from the new movie:

The women of Tron

You could just about get away with either of those in certain clubs. And if you’re a bloke, you could probably do all right – with bikers at least – by wearing this:

Tron Legacy poster

All right. Maybe not. They’re still just a little too sci-fi, aren’t they?

But the merchandisers of Tron: Legacy know this and have come up with “similar but different” fashion goodies. Consider this $795 shoe, for example:

A Tron shoe

Or this handbag:

Tron Legacy purse

You could get away with them, don’t you think?

But, if you have the cash and truly are a geek, how about this: an actual lightcycle you can ride on roads?

Tron lightcycle

Now that’s cool.

[This and an iPod dock, keyboard, mouse, et al via]

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