Question of the week: was it right for The Hangover 2 to cancel Mel Gibson’s cameo?

Mike Tyson in The Hangover

As you may have heard, Mel Gibson was all set to make a cameo appearance in The Hangover 2 as a tattooist. However, almost immediately, protests from cast and crew meant that Gibson was dumped in favour of Liam Neeson.

Now, Gibson is obviously notorious now for being both allegedly abusive to his girlfriend and for being generally racist. But The Hangover was notorious for including a cameo by Mike Tyson, who actually was convicted and sentenced to jail for three years for raping Desiree Washington.

So slightly serious question of the week:

Was it right or hypocritical (or both) for The Hangover 2 to cancel Mel Gibson’s cameo? Or does being a racist trump being a rapist?

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  • George

    Yes, completely correct. It is probably not as bad having an anti semite in this file when it was bad enough having Mike Tyson in the first film.(When did it become ok to accept his charges?)
    This is a good show though I expect its more to do with box office than good judgement.

  • I thought it was hypocritical. And if the rumors that it was Zach G. who protested the casting, then the question should be put to him as well. Why was it okay for him to work with Tyson but not with Gibson.
    Hrmm…. Tyson. Gibson. Neeson. I sense a pattern, can’t quite put my finger on it…..

  • The Shakesville blog have done some brilliant slamdowns of the Hangover film and its proposed sequel. Employing one dirtbag is bad enough – convicted rapist – but to feel you can take the moral high ground about someone with less dramatic convictions but still pretty reprehensible attitudes…. meh.
    There is a reason I stay away from films like this.

  • MediumRob

    Weirdly, The Hangover’s actually quite funny – there’s some nasty misogyny in it and every scene with Mike Tyson in it is inherently distasteful, but it is actually quite funny (lovely wife loves it and it’s one of her mother’s favourite films, so go figure).