BBC Autumn/Winter 2010 drama trailer

Ooh. Not only is there footage from the Doctor Who Christmas special with Matt Smith, there’s David Tennant in Single Father and Christopher Eccleston in Accused. And other things (BBC4’s First Men in the Moon, BBC3’s Lip Service, Rufus Sewell in Aurelio Zen et al).


  • Marie

    My enjoyment of that trailer was almost overshadowed by David Tennant’s terrible ‘I’m in mourning” fringe, until I saw THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE at the end. Too exciting! I had no idea they were adapting it. Did I miss a post? Anyway I found the details here –
    Great cast. Can’t bloody wait.

  • MediumRob

    “Did I miss a post?”
    It was probably in one of the news items as “BBC announces Autumn and Winter drama commissions”

  • I’m still waiting for BBC-America to get around to showing some of the productions previewed in the Winter-Spring preview, many of which looked very intriguing. When will they learn the world is too small nowadays to think we won’t hear of these programs and want to see them as soon as possible? And that failing legitimate channels, we’d go off and find other means to watch them?
    Oh well.
    Once again, a lot of shows/TV movies that look very interesting…..

  • Oh! Also it was exciting to see that the iPlayer worked for me over here as well!

  • Wow! What happened – normally viewing the trailers in the US is impossible! well done!
    Anyway, hoop-la excited about all this: lots to enjoy (and even mention of South Riding in which Dougie Henshall also features. fab)