15 mostly rare TV intros

Following on from last week’s ‘immensely’ successful look at some rare 1960s TV title sequences, I thought I’d have a look at another batch, this time of 15 rarer intros from both the 50s and 60s.

For your delight, here are:

  • Richard Diamond, Private Detective with David Janssen (The Fugitive)
  • The Thin Man with Peter Lawford (of the Rat Pack) and Phyllis Kirk
  • The D.A.’s Man with John Compton
  • Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner)
  • Philip Marlowe with Philip Carey (One Life to Live)
  • The Roaring 20’s with Rex Reason (This Island Earth)
  • Jack Gower with Jack Warden (Crazy Like A Fox)
  • The New Breed (a QM Production) with Leslie Nielsen (Police Squad)
  • Court Martial with Bradford Billman and Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible)
  • The Rogues with Gig Young, Charles Boyer and David Niven (yes, David Niven!)
  • The Loner with Lloyd Bridges (Airplane). Created by Rod Serling
  • Cowboy in Africa with Chuck Connors (The Rifleman)
  • Run For Your Life with Ben Gazzara
  • Blue Light with Robert Goulet (Toy Story 2)
  • Garrisons’ Gorillas with Ron Harper (Planet of the Apes)