August on TMINE

It’s that time of the year – summer holidays/vacations (delete as appropriate). Pretty much for the rest of this month, one of two things can be guaranteed. Either:

  1. You’ll be on holiday or
  2. I’ll be on holiday


  1. There’s not going to be a huge amount of new shows to be watched or reviewed
  2. Most people in TV and film land are going to be on holiday, too, so there won’t be much news

As a result, we’re going to be on reduced output on TMINE during August with the following results:

  • The first and last Daily News will be today, and won’t be back until September 2nd.
  • There may be a few reviews and the like this week.
  • There definitely won’t be anything new on the blog between the 6th and the 22nd, and the 26th to 31st.
  • Tomorrow’s Sitting Tennant will be the last captionable Tennant of August.
  • I might be around between the 23rd and 25th, but I wouldn’t swear to it.
  • If anyone comes along and leaves a spam comment, kill them.

However, feel free to talk among yourselves. I’ll try to leave an open thread on Thursday for general discussion.

I will leave you with the following Question of the Month, too:

What books would you recommend for my or anyone else’s holiday reading?

You can, of course, nominate your own books. 😉

Enjoy your holidays!