July 2010 at the BFI

Time for our regular look at what TV’s on at the South Bank in London in July. Things to look forward to include a massive look at Brian Clemens’ work (including two Q&As, one devoted entirely to The Avengers), one of Jonathan Ross’s good shows (The Incredibly Strange Film Show), two episodes of Out of the Unknown, and a reshowing of Chimera followed by a Q&A with Stephen Gallagher and director Lawrence Gordon Clark

  • 2nd: The Vise: Death Walks By Night
    A Brian Clemens episode of the series.
  • 5th: Chimera + Q&A with Steven Gallagher and Lawrence Gordon Clark
    Rubbish four-part horror serial adapted from the author’s novel. Followed by a Q&A with the author and director.
  • 6th: The Invisible Man: The Big Plot
    A Brian Clemens-scripted episode of the 1950s version of HG Wells’ novel.
  • 7th/15th: Out of the Unknown: The Machine Stops and Stranger in the Family
    An adaption of EM Forster’s 1909 story about the worship of machines, followed by an episode in which a genetic mutant with terrifying mental powers is born into a normal family
  • 9th: Danger Man: View From The Villa + Man From Interpol: The Inside Job + Mark Saber: Blood in the Sky
    Episodes of all three shows written by Brian Clemens, including the first episode of Danger Man which was famously shot in Portmeirion.
  • 13th: The Avengers: Don’t Look Behind You + Adam Adamant Lives!: The Terribly Happy Embalmers
    Episodes of both shows written by Brian Clemens.
  • 18th: The New Avengers: The Eagle’s Nest + The Professionals: Mixed Doubles
    The opening episode of The New Avengers, and an episode of The Professionals, both written by Brian Clemens.
  • 22nd: The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Ted V Mikels
    The director of Corpse Grinders takes Jonathan Ross on a tour of his Las Vegas love castle.
  • 22nd: The Avengers: A Touch of Brimstone + Brian Clemens on The Avengers
    That episode of The Avengers with Diana Rigg in the bondage outfit followed by a discussion with Brian Clemens about his work on the series. Recommended.
  • 25th: Thriller: Coffin for the Bride + Quiller: Any Last Requests
    Episodes of both shows written by Brian Clemens, with the Quiller episode originally being written for Mission: Impossible.  
  • 28th: Brian Clemens in Conversation
  • A discussion with legendary film and TV writer Brian Clemens – who created The Professionals and Thriller – about his contributions to the screen. Recommended.

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£7.60 (members)
£5.25 (member concs)
£9.00 (non-members)
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Under 16s £5.

All shows are £5 on Tuesdays. Conc prices are available to senior citizens, students, unwaged and disability visitors. Proof of eligibility may be required.

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