Amy Pond discovers the TARDIS wine cellar

Amy Pond discovers the TARDIS wine cellar

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Thursday’s Greig, Greig news


  • Warners to adapt DC Comics Starman?
  • The Transporter to become a TV series
  • Fox to remake Commando

British TV

  • Rosamund Pike, Rachael Stirling, Rory Kinnear and Joseph Mawle to star in BBC4’s The Sisters
  • Thomas Haden Church, Claire Forlani leave Episodes while Tamsin Greig joins


Audio and radio play reviews

Review: Doctor Who – 132 – The Architects of History

Architects-of-History-The-cover.pngTime to wrap up the Klein trilogy.

When last we left blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah Seventh Doctor blah blah Nazi scientist for companion blah blah.

Anyway, things went a bit pear-shaped – who saw that coming? – and now the Doctor has to fix it. Now, given Big Finish trilogies can vary between awful (the Charley Pollard/Sixth Doctor concluding trilogy, the Key2Time) and gradually improving (the Stockbridge trilogy), it was a bit of a gamble as to whether the final part of this "seven years in the making" story was going to end well.

So let’s take some bets.

Hands up everyone who thinks this is going to be a classic.

And hands up everyone who thinks it’s going to be a steaming lump of you know what.

If I just add that this also features Lenora Crichlow as a companion for the Doctor, who’s going to change their minds?

Final fact: it also includes a race of intergalactic sharks who wander around in water-filled armour.

Last chance. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Well, it just so happens that it’s…

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