Street Hawk’s out on DVD at last

Street Hawk

Remember Street Hawk? Of course you do. Well the joyous news is that this motorcycle equivalent of Knight Rider and Airwolf is coming to proper DVD on March 22nd. I already have it on dodgy DVD, but I’ll probably get it as well, even if the episodes don’t exactly hold up in the way that Airwolf‘s first season’s have over the years.

Just to get you in the mood, here’s the title sequence, complete with marvellous theme tune by Tangerine Dream, and a clip of the infamous ‘hyperthrust’. The adrenaline jolt I just got from both was epic, so be careful.

If you can bear the excitement, after the jump, there’s a longer clip from the pilot episode as well as two of a very cheesy, early 80s George Clooney.