Possibly the best thing Five has ever done – a CSI, CSI:NY, FlashForward, CSI:Miami, The Mentalist, NCIS crossover

Whatever you think about UK network Five (eg has no real identity, only shows imports, all its home-made shows are cheap and tacky, etc), this is probably the best thing they’ve ever done. It’s a trailer and pre-programme countdown that features the stars of all the top US imports (CSI, CSI:NY, FlashForward, CSI:Miami, The Mentalist, NCIS). But rather than just use stock footage, with one exception they actually went on all the sets and filmed the stars in-character.

So feast yourself on Simon Baker, Laurence Fishburne, Joseph Fiennes, David Caruso, Gary Sinise, Mark Harmon, Marg Helgenberger et al ganging up together – it’s much better than that CSI crossover they did last year, at least.