Gavin and Stacey – series three and the BBC’s mental DVD release schedule

Oh! Look at that. Yes – that. It’s an ad for Gavin & Stacey series three on DVD. You can buy it now. In fact, I have a copy already.

What do you mean they’ve only shown two episodes of it on TV so far?

Yes, in the bizarre world of the BBC DVD release schedule, "a third of the way through a series" is a good time to release a show on DVD, presumably in time for Christmas.

So, here’s my quandary. Should I watch the DVD (two discs, including one disc of extras) and spoil myself, or watch at the same speed as everyone else?

We’ve already watched the next two episodes and I’ll tell you something for nothing, there’s a great fight scene with Stacey. Episode 3 is also great for in-jokes. I’ll say no more than that until Friday.