The 10 most popular search terms this month

Ah, my blog is so useful:

  1. satan
  2. David tennant
  3. californication
  4. joanna page naked
  5. eastbound and down
  6. lie to me
  7. casanova
  8. rupert penry jones
  9. richard armitage
  10. the haunted airman review

As you can see compared with last month, while Satan and David Tennant are holding their own, Karen Gillan, Ali Larter and Erin Karpluk’s popularity have been on the wane. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say.

That would certainly explain two new things: Joanna Page in a state of nakedness seems to have become a buzz topic, presumably as a result of this month’s FHM, while Robert Pattinson fans appear to want to catch up on his back catalogue of rubbish BBC4 dramas thanks to the impending Twilight.

I wonder what people will be looking for next month…