Question of the week: which franchise do you really hate?

Twilight annoys me. New Moon annoys me even more, yet I’ve seen neither of them. I’ve seen clips, and they all make me want to strangle Kristen “wetter than a haddock’s bathing costume” Stewart. Robert Pattinson? He’s fine, although I just wish he’d find something better. And the whole plot is very creepy: 100+-year-old vampire falls for underage girl but she turns him on too much so they can’t ever have sex. Ugh. Bloody mormons.

Maybe this hatred is rational; maybe it’s completely irrational. At the very least, it caused The Vampire Diaries to be made, and I had to sit through at least an episode of that, so maybe I do have some cause.

But my veins course with hate whenever there’s even a hint of Twilight around. How about you?

Is there a movie, TV or book franchise whose mere existence fills you with hate?

Maybe it’s Stargate. Maybe it’s those rubbish David Eddings books. Maybe it’s Only Fools and Horses and its numerous spin-offs. Maybe it’s even Spiderman and his amazing cash-ins.

Whatever it is, fess up: it’s good for the soul.

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