What have you been watching this week (w/e 5 May)?

Summer’s here. You can tell because there’s not much on. So now, your help is needed even more. Have you seen anything good on tele at all this week?

The Daily Show‘s back and hasn’t really done anything interesting this week. I did catch Bettany Hughes’ excellent The Spartans (best watched in conjunction with Paul Cartledge’s companion book) in mid-morning re-runs this week – no adverts in the whole thing, so either there’s some sort of educational quarantine zone in the mornings or C4 is in serious trouble.

I did turf out some DVDs and start watching early 70s “futurisitic drama” Moonbase 3 (available on DVD still), which is really rather good and does have a Welshman running the moon. Weird that he’s called David Calder, given David Calder was the star of the very similar 80s show Star Cops.

No big surprises over on The Apprentice, with James finally getting chucked out after delighting us ever more with his CV and expressions, Lorraine getting evicted for being a misery guts, and Deborah getting the boot for being a sociopath. That just leaves Kate versus Yasmine: my money’s on Yasmine, which means Kate will win, even though she’s a robot.

Oh, and what happened to beardy interrogator from previous years?

Still got Burn Notice and Royal Pains to watch, as well as three episodes of The Goode Family, though.

As always, no spoilers unless you’re going to use the <spoiler> </spoiler> tags, please? Ta!