Bank holiday weekend film reviews

We caught up on a few movies over the Bank Holiday weekend. Here’s a few one line reviews.

  • The Da Vinci Code: Possibly the longest, silliest film made in human history
  • The Changeling: Excellent, with that Mad Men-eque quality of “I can’t believe sh*t like that really happened”
  • The Yes Man: Fun, perfectly cast and Zooey Deschanel is as wonderful as always, but the 18-year-age gap between her and Jim Carrey was just so icky
  • Kate and Leopold: Otherwise known as “Sabretooth and Wolverine: The Early New York years”, this was gentle but sweet, well researched for its historical details but daft in modern times
  • Star Trek: The Motion PIcture (Director’s Edition): Lots of Robert Wise/Douglas Trumbull repeating their classic work on The Andromeda Strain et al, but still desperately boring – and there’s almost minimal difference between director’s edition and regular edition as far as I can see.