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Review: Doctor Who: Key 2 Time – The Chaos Pool

The Chaos PoolWell, it’s all over. I’d say, “Thank God for that,” if it weren’t for the fact that it’s Sylvester McCoy stories for the next three releases. I might just sit those out.

Anyway, brief recap: in a poorly acted, poorly scripted sequel to the Tom Baker Key to Time season, Peter Davison’s Doctor now has to go looking for the segments to the Key to Time for no well explored reason other than because there wouldn’t be any stories without it. To help him is a ‘human tracer’ who can’t act and is only human because it helps the plot of an audio play to move better.

So far, he’s nearly got Ace killed (but failed unfortunately), messed up Mars, and met up with the inept Black and White Guardians. Now he’s got to find the Chaos Pool while some giant slugs slug it out.

Oh God, surely there’s more to life than this?

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Meme of the week: Which TV character do you look like?

Last week, I asked you which TV character you’d most like to be. This week, on a similar theme, the question is

Which TV character do you look like?

For those of a bashful temperament or low self esteem, the alternate question is

Which TV character would you most like to look like?

I asked lovely wife who I most look like, and after a few years suspecting it might be Zach Braff, my self-image was substantially altered when she revealed that – contrary to a recent episode of HeroesI am Sylar:


“He looks just like you.”

Oh, as they say.

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog.

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Season finale: Heroes 3×25 – An Invisible Thread

The Invisible Thread

It’s the end of the season and the end of volume four of Heroes. Just about everyone who’s bothered to watch the volume has regarded it as a definite return (almost) to the quality of season one, so naturally we’ve all been excited to see if the show was going to go out with a bang or a whimper.

Given the budget cutting on recent episodes, we’ve all been expecting a big finale. All roads have been leading to a big fight, but with Tim Kring – who also wrote the disappointing season one finale – on writing duty, were we more likely to be annoyed than satisfied?

The answer has been revealed. After the jump.

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