Third-episode verdict: Dollhouse

The CarusometerA Carusometer rating of 4

Time, I think, for a third-episode verdict on Dollhouse. Should I be withholding my verdict until later? Well, Eliza Dushku reckons the show only gets out from Fox’s interference and becomes great from episode six, but I’m not entirely sure I can stick with it that long.

See, in many ways, Dollhouse is a very bad show. It has a few redeeming qualities: mixed martial artist Tahmoh Penikett is always good for a fight scene; and the over-arching plot shows some signs of intrigue – indeed in the abysmal third episode, the five seconds of quality TV come from a reveal related to that plot, and the second episode was lifted to a far greater high than the other episodes by focusing on the Dollhouse itself, rather than the typically daft as a brush secret agent A-plot with that bloke from The Middleman.

But for the most part, it’s been really bad, mainly for all the reasons I listed in my first episode review. Eliza Dushku ain’t a great actress, Echo isn’t a character you can root for yet and neither are the ancillary staff – not even Amy Acker. And the “secret agent story of the week” has been invariably awful.

But, as young Eliza mentions, the episodes are going to become less self-contained from episode six onwards, so maybe it’ll be worth sticking with from then. I’m just not sure I want to be there.

Carusometer rating: 4
Prediction: Will be cancelled either before or at the end of the first season

  • Mostly agree with your assessment of the 3rd episode. I was rooting for Eliza though…rooting for her to actually drop the annoying bitchy pop star Rayna. The sad part is Rayna’s “music” on the show was probably just as good as some of the “real” pop stars we have, like Britney Spears.
    I’m sticking with the show, and I think episode 4 will help redeem things a bit. Looking forward to getting more of the Alpha story as well…was surprised to see them go away from it in Episode 3.

  • I’m going to stick with it for a while, just to see how it all shakes out with Episode Six. But by eight, there better be something really involving going on.
    My Inner Toob assessment based on the first episode was from a Toobworld p.o.v. as to what was good about the show. But from a personal vantage point, the first episode – I figured it was taking its baby steps, establishing the scenario, etc. The second episode was good, but then they stole a classic story to accomplish that. Third episode was dreck. (And even that stole from a better source – the crutches as weapons from “Day Of The Jackal”.)
    But they promise it gets better and ask for patience and luckily the Saturday queue isn’t that full right now of Friday night shows, now that ‘Monk’ and ‘Psych’ are done….

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