Today’s Joanna Page: The Earth Hums in B Flat

Just in case you want to go to bed listening to Joanna Page, she’s reading Mari Strachan’s children’s detective story The Earth Hums in B Flat every night this week on Radio 4 at 10.45pm.

Thought I’d mention it.


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Sitting Tennant

Today’s Sitting Tennants (from Jaradel and Sister Chastity): Planet of the Dead

Planet of the Dead

David Tennant in Planet of the Dead

It’s Friday, it’s five to 1 (not that that matters), it’s… Sitting Tennant. After a couple of Comic Relief outings, we’re back on firmer, slightly scarier ground with some publicity pictures for the forthcoming Easter Doctor Who special, courtesy of Jaradel and Sister Chastity; Ms Rullsenberg did try to creep in at the last minute with one of her own, but it had already been submitted (twice), I’m afraid – you’ve got to be quick when it comes to pictures of David Tennant taking the weight off his feet, I’m afraid.

Anyway, as you can see, the special is going to show us all just how angry a London bus conductor can get when he spots you putting your feet up on the seats. Beware, children, because even David Tennant fears the bus conductor.

With those highly topical extra pictures, the leader board now stands as follows, with Sister Chastity and Jaradel swapping places after a concerted effort from the order of pervitude.

  1. Rullsenberg: 15.5
  2. Sister Chastity: 10.5
  3. Jaradel: 10
  4. Rosby: 2.5

It was a Blitzkrieg the likes of which we’ve never seen before back at topical captions, with Toby and Marie slugging it out like Godzilla and Mothra – at least, if Oscar Wilde and James Whistler had been wearing the Godzilla and Mothra suits – with Jane Henry, Jaradel and Ms Rullsenberg standing in for the plucky Japanese army, Persephone guest-starring as a terrified Tokyo office-worker, and with me as the various municipal workers clearing up the rubble and allocating witty-points to: Jane Henry for picture 1, Jaradel for her picture two caption; Toby and Marie jointly for picture three.

As a result, the captioning leaderboard now stands as follows:

  1. Marie: 57
  2. Toby: 56.5
  3. Jane Henry: 40.5
  4. Rullsenberg: 36
  5. Persephone: 29.5
  6. Jaradel: 26.5
  7. Electric Dragon: 12
  8. Rev/Views 10
  9. Scott: 3
  10. Aaron: 2
  11. 1

As always, captions and new submissions for the gallery, please. Remember, you can submit as many (witty) captions as you like for each and every picture, with topical captions (and pictures of David Tennant in current productions) getting extra marks. The wittiest caption for each picture will get double points. And there’s a bonus point for using Gary Numan lyrics appropriately.

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below and if it’s judged suitable, it will appear in the “Sitting Tennant” gallery. You can also enter the witting and amusing captions league table by commenting on existing photos in the gallery.

What have you been watching this week?

Last week’s seemed to work out okay, so over to you, guys: what have you been watching this week? Anybody else watching The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency? Still quite sweet, but a little untaxing, while I didn’t think Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle was quite as good as the first week’s episode. But let me – and the other readers – know what you’ve been watching, what you’d recommend, what you wouldn’t, etc, so they can share the joy/avoid the pain.

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  • Orange signs up Danny Glover, Juliette Lewis, Sigourney Weaver and Emilio Estevez for its film ads


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  • CBC to stop showing The Simpsons

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