Meme of the week: Shows you’ve given up on

Time is precious. There’s simply too much TV for any one person to watch. But sooner or later we all find some favourite shows that we’re prepared to sacrifice our time on, because we enjoy them – or because we have to review them and get paid for our sacrifice.

But no matter how good some shows start off, they often go to pot after a while or we find we simply don’t have the time to watch them any more.

So meme of the week is a quick question: which TV shows have you stopped watching recently and why?

I’ve just decided after five seasons that enough is enough and I’m not bothering with the mindless repetition, thin characterisation and rubbish plots of Numb3rs any more, except if they have a good guest star. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is on the back burner now, despite having terminators in it, since its silliness, derivativeness and pretension were getting up my nose. And I’m seriously considering giving CSI the chop, simply because I’m not invested in the characters any more.

How’s about you?