Meme of the week: movies that become TV shows and vice versa

A slightly trickier meme this week, although hopefully not that tricky. The question is:

If you could, what movie would you turn into a TV series? Or what TV series would you turn into a movie?

So, did you always wonder what happened to Rosebud after the end of Citizen Kane? Would a Godfather TV series have been better than The Sopranos? Were you looking forward to 50 episodes of 50 First Dates? Let us know.

If inspiration fails you, there’s always:

What’s your favourite movie that got turned into a TV series (or vice versa)? Or which movie/TV show do you wish they hadn’t turned into a TV show/movie?

Horrified by the TV series Blue Thunder or Weird Science? The movie version of The Avengers get you down? Is The West Wing but a pale shadow of The American President? Now’s your chance to vent.

Remember, you can leave your thoughts below or on your own blog if you link to it.