ANTM: Year one winner snubbed again

ANTM - not Adrianne

“If I had a blog, I’d blog about it!” said lovely wife on watching the opening few moments of cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Lovely wife is offended, because yet again cycle one winner, Adrianne Curry, was snubbed by the show because of her falling out with Tyra Banks.

Says Wikipedia,

America’s Next Top Model has dissociated itself from Curry (and vice versa), having not mentioned her in any episodes since Season 2 (where she guest-starred in an episode). This was reportedly due to Curry criticizing Top Model and Tyra Banks for not delivering the promised prizes she won. Banks then retaliated by removing Curry from the show. Curry revealed on the America’s Next Top Model E! True Hollywood Story that she has “never regretted anything more in her life, it was very immature”.

In this opening episode, in the montage of shots from the previous 11 cycles, all the winners were represented, except for Curry – instead, Elyse Sewell got to appear instead. That Tyra takes things to heart.

As does lovely wife.