Today’s Joanna Page: Comic Relief

Joanna Page and Ruth Jones at the Comic Relief launch

Today’s Joanna Page should have been This Year’s Love. But since she’s not in the cast list at the end, I’m guessing it’s something of a cameo appearance by Ms Page in said movie, so I’m actually going to have to sit through the whole film – Dougie Henshall’s kilt and all – to find out which five frames she’s in or whether she’s simply sitting on a cutting room floor somewhere. Apparently Richard Armitage plays “Smug man at party” in it, so there’s a double whammy for you.

So in the meantime, here’s a picture of her with Ruth Jones from the Comic Relief launch earlier this month. She’s going to be one of the Celebrity Apprentices, you know. And here’s a chat with her courtesy of Holy Moly. It’s quiet brief, but it is revealed that Tom Jones doesn’t know what a chocolate orange is.