The Darkplace quandry

I’ve noticed something of late about British comedy. Or should I say British comedy fans.

It is in fact possible to separate them into two entirely distinct groups using just two questions. Both questions return the same groups. They are:

  1. Are you under 30?
  2. Do you like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, Man to Man with Dean Learner, Snuffbox and Nathan Barley?

So, if you answered yes to 1 and are a British comedy fan, you almost certainly answered yes to 2 (and vice versa). On the other hand, if you answered no to 1 then you answered no to 2. Capice?

Man, did I labour that.

My question to you then is why should this be so? Is it

  1. The natural difference in tastes between older and younger generations?
  2. Or Is it that the older generation has seen it all before and is uninterested in the stupid, derivative, toothless gunk that seems to so please the younger, used to be foetuses just five minutes ago so what do they know generation and which isn’t a patch on The Day Today, say, which was put together by really talented, clever people*?

Let me know what you think. Although clearly the answer is 2.

* What do you mean Chris Morris did Nathan Barley as well? Liar