Review: Lost in Austen 1×1

Lost in Austen

In the UK: Wednesdays, 9pm, ITV1

What’s that? Is it the sound of something precious and beautiful being trampled underfoot by philistines and idiots?

Erm, no. Surprisingly, it’s not and we have yet another miracle of the post-Grade age: an ITV1 primetime drama that doesn’t suck, doesn’t insult the intelligence and actually makes you hunger for more.

Any more of this and it’ll almost become ordinary, expected even, that ITV1 dramas won’t make you feel like you’ve been hit on the head by a six-pack of Kestrels on a night out in Malia.

Anyway, it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that all women of a certain temperament love Pride and Prejudice, particularly that bit with Colin Firth in the water. Many are the women who know it almost word for word; and no doubt there are many who wish they could be in it, particularly during that bit with Colin Firth in the water.

So Lost in Austen is quite a clever idea, even if sounds a bit daft at first: what would happen if somehow you ended up in the novel Pride and Prejudice, having taken Elizabeth Bennet’s place. You’re a big fan, you know what’s supposed to happen, who’s supposed to end up with whom and how.

But what if you ballsed it all up?

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Thursday’s record ratings news


British TV

  • Sarah Lancashire and Neil Pearson to star in BBC1 choir drama
  • ITV3 acquires CTV/CBS’s Flashpoint


Wednesday’s pornographic news



British TV

  • Tim Roth, Kelly MacDonald and John Simm to star Skellig for Sky 1


Review: The Vengeance of Morbius

The Vengeance of Morbius

It’s not often that the biggest fault with a Big Finish play is that it’s not long enough. Quite often, you just sit there, watching the tumbleweed go by and glaciers nip past you as you wait for the play to come to its inevitable conclusion.

But for the first time in quite a while, I came to the end of a play and found myself wishing that they’d spent a whole lot more time on it. I’m not saying that it was brilliant, it’s just when you have a character who has the potential to be one of the most interesting Doctor Who villains around, an hour doesn’t seem like quite enough to explore the character properly, does it?

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