Heroes musings

So Heroes is finally back on our screens after such a long wait — okay, if you’re in the UK, it’ll be on our screens on Monday. That means it must be time, à la Lost, for some rubbish theories and random speculation. Nothing revelatory, and since it’s mine, it’s going to be wrong, but I thought I’d share. And then you can tell me yours!

So, as we all know, Ali Larter’s back, but this time as Tracy Strauss, ice queen political advisor, rather than weedy, tedious, multiple personality disorder sufferer Niki Sanders. Cue gratuitous Ali Larter picture:

As we all recall, Niki’s power, which was originally her ‘Jessica’ personality’s, was super strength. But that got killed off when she was given the season two anti-hero virus. Tracy, however, can freeze things.

So the question is, is Tracy the same person as Niki, just another personality, and if she is, why does she have a different power?

My random thinking is that a hero’s power is related to their personality. So Peter, who’s all touchy feely, gets to feel other people’s powers; Sylar can analyse them and steal them; Claire has to keep pulling herself together after suffering various traumas; and so on. (Okay, it’s a little tenuous, I grant you.) Therefore, Tracy the ice queen has a cold-related power.

So let’s assume that Tracy and Niki are the same person and that the Tracy personality emerged to save Niki/Jessica when they were in a burning building, as the Jessica personality emerged to save Niki with super-strength when she was in trouble – Ned from Groundhog Day did say MPD was a common way for people to cope with powers.

This leads to the interesting question of how many powers a hero or at least Niki has. If their personality changes, does their power change? Or is Niki just endowed with a number of powers to start with and MPD is the only way she can access them at first? Since Niki was able to reintegrate the Jessica personality into her own and then use Jessica’s power herself, does that mean she’ll eventually become more like Peter and Sylar and have multiple powers all to herself?

Also, since grandma Petrelli dreamed a future where Jessica is back and clearly equipped with a power, does that mean only Niki lost her power from the virus, and Jessica, being a separate personality, was able to keep hers intact? Could it even be that Niki can create the power she wants to have by creating a new personality to match and that she restores her super-strength by recreating Jessica?

From a behind of scenes point of view, it’s an interesting question. Even Claire has pointed out that her power’s a bit rubbish and she’s really just a victim. The most powerful heroes, Peter and Sylar, are two guys – as are the former denizens of level 5 – and so far, the female heroes haven’t really been their equals in terms of powers. So is Niki/Jessica/Tracy being groomed as their female equivalent? And given Sylar’s parting comment to Claire, is there more to Claire as well, other than just regeneration?

Sorry for the ramble – that’s the thing about Heroes, you end up with so many theories: but what do you think?