The winner of the Sky+ competition isn’t…

Time to announce the winner of the Sky+ competition.

However, we had two contestants this time. Holding remote control one was Lesley Smith who didn’t really plead at all, simply asked to be added to the list, which should technically have disqualified her from winning. However, she’s away on business right now (judging from the out of the office reply message that she’s been sending in response to the daily MINE email digest), so can’t escalate her case easily.

Holding remote control two was a previous competition winner, Ms Rullsenberg, who while making quite a good case for why she needed Sky+, didn’t officially enter herself into the competition. I gave her ’til Sunday to enter, but judging from her latest blog entry, she’s very busy right now.

Tricky, hey?

So, I’m postponing the final decision and opening the floor to you, gentle reader. The competition will remain open another couple of days. If anyone else wants to enter, you still can. But if you think either Lesley or Rullsenberg (or both) are eligible to win the prize based on their current responses, speak up now!

Bear in mind, by the way, that the voucher’s only valid until the 28th of July, so I’m going to need responses quickly!