Moonlight: my powers are strong, but not that strong

I got this email yesterday from someone who read my season finale review of Moonlight:

I would just like to say that i think you should make more programs of moonlight because the program was such a big hit and it was such a thrill to watch.I am disappiont that you have ended the program and you should consider making a lot more.


xxx (name removed to protect the innocent)

I’m not exactly sure how this (probably quite young) person got the idea from my review that I’d decided to cancel Moonlight, using my vast, vast powers, or that I made it. Was it my sentence structure?

But for them and anyone else who gets the impression from my TV reviews that I actually make the programmes I’m reviewing, I’d just like to point out that I don’t. I don’t cancel them either. I certainly didn’t cancel Moonlight: that was CBS.

And really, if anyone’s going to bring Moonlight or any other cancelled TV show back, I’m probably not the right person to do it. I’m gratified that people might think from my reviews that I’d make really great TV programmes, but I suspect I wouldn’t. At least, not with my current budgets.

Let that be an end to the matter.