Last Man Standing: four episodes are missing!

Remember Last Man Standing? It was a BBC3 show that sent a load of athletic men round the world to pick fights with foreign tribes. It was actually quite good, despite the description, mixing anthropology, reality show and sport, all in one.

Keep your eyes peeled because series two is coming to BBC3 this September, as far as I can tell, and will feature boxing fire-fighter Wole from London, submission wrester and traffic Cop JJ from Florida, Devon kite-surfer Murray, elite American rugby player Jarvis from San Diego, modern pentathlete Ed from London and soccer player Joey from Chicago. No doubt all those sports will stand them in good stead when they compete in "Guatemalan piglet spinning" or whatever they end up doing. You can see some pictures of the new team above and on the BBC3 web site.

The show is also a co-production with the US Discovery Channel, it turns out, which calls it for the purposes of political correctness and linguistic homicide Last One Standing. The interesting thing though is that the first series of Last Man Standing was only eight episodes long, while Last One Standing is 12 episodes long: the UK is missing four episodes featuring Kraho log running, Andean ice racing, Pencak Silat and Vanuatu canoe racing.

Now, if you recall, Jason was crowned the winner of the first series of Last Man Standing by the other contestants because it was a draw over the eight episodes. Did those extra four episodes change things? Fortunately not, since the leaders all won an extra event each. However, there was no crowning in Last One Standing, strangely enough: it was all for sport.

No word on whether they’ll ever show the final four episodes in the UK on BBC3, so keep your eyes open if you have the Discovery Channel. There’s also no word on how many episodes will be in the second series, either. Keep your fingers crossed – unless it interferes with the piglet spinning of course.