Season finale: Battlestar Galactica

The end of the road

Once again, Sky has been keeping up with the US nicely, so everyone with a Sky box should have seen this by now. So we can just babble on spoilerifically after the jump, if you’d so like.

The fourth season of BSG has been something of a damp squib. All the pyrotechnics, intrigue and excitement promised by the unveiling of four of the final five Cylons, a Cylon civil war and the return of Starbuck didn’t really materialise. 

We’ve had some good moments, such as the switch by Tory from tedious PR woman to psycho robot, the airlocking of Cally and the shooting of Gaeta, but the overall tone of the show has slipped. None of the relationships between the characters have felt true or even really figured at all in the show this season.

To a certain extent, we can blame both the writers strike and the crushing mythology of the show, which has been threatening to overwhelm everything. Fortunately, with the arrival of both the Galactica and the rebel Cylons at Earth, we can perhaps hope that the next season will be more interesting, less mythology dominated with only one question left to answer – who’s the final Cylon and is he/she the one who’s been orchestrating events?

All the same, this finale was a whole lot better than previous episodes, with tension aplenty, answers and a superbly bleak ending that will hopefully have a superbly bleak follow-up for the fifth season. 

I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

  • You know the basics of Toobworld, Rob, so you’ll understand what I mean by this: Even if the original BSG, bad as it could be, didn’t exist, this mid-season finale would have kept the remake out of the main Toobworld.
    Still and all, pretty powerful stuff, admitted by someone not as deep into it all as most.
    I just wish there’d be some Emmy love for Mary McDonell as Laura Roslin….

  • Oh! And I thought PR woman stood for Psycho Robot anyway! LOL

  • espedair

    I’ve just watched episode 10…the mid season finale.. great great stuff. It was edge of the seat all the way.Again superb acting by Edward James Olmos on certain ‘revelations’ during this episode!
    That ending too… the scene teased for over a minute before panning back. Classic.
    Love this show. Can’t wait to see what they do with the final half…?

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