Gavin and Stacey news titbits

Gavin and Stacey cast

Just a few idle Gavin & Stacey news fragments I’ve picked up that don’t have links and don’t fit in the Daily News format.

First up, James Corden called in to the Chris Moyles breakfast show last week. They’ve become pals of late, you see. Moyles asked for a part in series three and rather than saying, “We’re not doing series three”, “We’ll only do series three if we have the right story” or the other usual responses, he said he’d talk to Ruth Jones about it and then had a big discussion about why Moyles would merit a cameo, given he’s only seen half an episode. The response was “Seven million listeners”. Not conclusive, but encouraging, no? Thanks to my lovely wife for that little nugget.

Secondly, Jo Page was on The Paul O’Grady Show last week and mentioned that she and Corden have a scene to themselves for the first time in the Christmas Special, although it’s still being written so she doesn’t know what happens in it. Interesting, if not exactly inordinately big news, I know.

Speaking of JP, she’s running a 5k to raise money for Cancer Research UK as part of the Race For Life on June 22nd. Why not go off and sponsor her? She, and various other celebs, explain all about it over on the ITV web site – she doesn’t manage to persuade Fern Britten to join in though.