TV at the BFI in July

Time for our monthly round-up of forthcoming TV at the BFI. The big, if you can call it that, season is a retrospective of David Rose’s work. Rose was a drama-director producer at the Beeb, responsible for Z Cars amongst other things; he also helped to found Film Four.

  • 5 July, 2pm: Licking Hitler + Match of The Day – two episode of Play for Today, one directed by David Hale about WW2 propaganda, the other directed by Stephen Frears looking at a family wedding.
  • 5 July, 4.15pm: David Rose – My Journey Together. David Rose talks about some key productions.

The other TV event, other than a Dennis Potter play, Angels Are So Few (sort of the flipside of Brimstone and Treacle), being added to the Mediatheque, is a conversation with Hazel Adair, who created Britain’s first ever soap, Sixpenny Corner, as well as Compact and Crossroads.

  • 11 July, 6.10pm: A screening of an episode of Compact followed by an interview with Hazel Adair.

Not much this month, but if you’re a big TV history buff, I’m sure you’ll be dropping by.

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