Tornado on Gladiators – The anti-Harry?

Tornado from Gladiators

According to this week’s Heat, Tornado from Gladiators (real name: David) is a "Royal Marines commando and an army boxing champion. After filming, he expects to return to serve in Afghanistan."

Do you reckon he’s like the anti-Prince Harry?

‘A Taliban spokesman said: "We’d been taking it a bit easy for a while. Then we heard off Chris Moyles on Radio 1 that Prince Harry was on the front line and we thought to ourselves, "You know what? Although the might of the allied forces has been trained on us for ages and we’ve been doing our level best to kill them, we now have added motivation to attack those troops in the vain chance we might stand a chance of finding one particular Royal soldier for a potential PR coup."

‘But then we were watching Gladiators on Sky One and we thought to ourselves, "That Tornado’s coming back soon? Well, we’re not having not none of that. He’ll open a mighty big can of whoop ass on us. Let’s back off."’